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Our Services

Business Consulting



• Improve, or maximize, performance through analyzing current business problems and developing a long-term strategic Business Plan

  o This plan will analyze internal and external environmental factors, provide strategic goals and objectives, offer an implementation plan, as well as suggest controls and contingency plans so your company measures future success properly enabling management and staff to be readily available to react swiftly to unexpected changes.

• An extension of this service, if desired, includes our hands-on involvement in implementing your business plan and providing strategic consultation on a consistent basis concerning all business aspects

Management Consulting



• This service involves studying your company to learn and analyze the organizational structure, day to day operations, and employee interactions in order to determine the true underlying problems and areas of opportunities

o Identifying and resolving a management problem will increase overall performance, employee satisfaction and productivity, as well as decrease employee turnover.

o An extension of this service, if desired, involves strategic training sessions on management thought processes and interpersonal skills. Providing this information, along with team-building exercises, will help increase employee morale and the overall culture of the company.

Crisis Management



• This service provides a quick analysis of the firm in order to develop a strong Plan of Action to combat a crisis that is negatively affecting your company

o Our focus when developing this plan will be the best interests of the company, its stakeholders, as well the local community.

o We will be proactive in coordinating a plan that can be implemented quickly and efficiently, limiting the effects your crisis will have on the company and companies image.

Talent Management



• Known for its reputation for managing high profile clients, this service allows for our Talent Clients to focus on their personal and professional endeavors without having to worry about day to day operations and general admin/management aspects.

o Services include but not limited to: Managing Schedule/Calendar, Managing Travel Arrangements, Scheduling Tours/Meetings, reviewing all contracts and legal matters, Managing Finances, Budgeting, Marketing, Social Media Management, PR Management, General Consultation, Negotiations

Strategic Marketing



• This service involves a detailed analysis of the internal and external factors surrounding the company and an exhaustive SWOT analysis with a competitive advantage outlook to provide strategic marketing goals and objectives and an efficient implementation process

o Our focus is long-term success, developing marketing goals that will align with organizations overall mission statement and help the company increase profitability.

Financial/Residual Development



• There’s thousands of dollars hidden in your company; this service can help you find those hidden funds. This service allows our company to fully develop and residual development plan that identifies areas of waste. In addition, areas of improvement and new aspects – products and/or services – will be recommended to add and increase overall revenue streams.

o Our clients see an immediate increase in revenue resulting in more working capital with short term and long term financial success.